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12 - December 1980

After the Yalta meeting the two big powers, the United States and Soviet Union, were both vigilant for the other to respect the area of predominance each has been assigned. Each of them wanting to spread its predominance, the two Great Powers were confronting each other, hence the hazard of a new world war. Both empires were by turns successful or frustrated ; for example, the loss of Vietnam by the United States and the Soviet Union seeing China draw apart.

Discords between nations (and particularly between neighbors) take place apart from the clash between the two Great Powers and lead to numerous regional wars, the latest example being the war between Iran and Iraq. Now it is obvious that, in that case at least, the Great Powers, had done nothing to spark off the conflict and, on the contrary, tried to keep it within bounds and avoid other countries becoming involved in it, fearing it might grow into world war.

Why have the Big Powers, both of them, a frenzy for world domination that leads to over-armament and the utmost wariness when a minor conflict comes about ? The answer is in the fear of the utter cataclysm nuclear war would mean, not only for the nations that wage it but for the whole of humankind. Why, then, does this absurd state of things endure, this mad increase in nuclear arms when it is assumed they will never be made use of ? Why, which es just as absurd, do we depend on the wisdom of world leaders when any megalomaniac or lunatic could trigger off nuclear Armageddon ?

To put an end to a situation fraught with perils, it would be so simple to choose the law to solve the problems between nations instead of using violence. To reach this aim, to work for the common law to be respected, the only way, and this is what mundialists whish, is that each nation give up the concept of absolute national sovereignty, a concept that has already become obsolete thanks to many international conventions, that each nation give up sovereignty in all the fields where the welfare of humankind is at stake.

That is the price to pay for the survival of our species !






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