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World Citizen

Citizen of the World is any person who acknowledges his membership in the global community, is in conformity with this identity, calls that global problems are the responsibility of democratic global institutions

Registration as a world citizen is the basic step for the individual who recognises that the time has come to organise the world as a whole and undertakes to work for that new world.

The world citizen is a person who feels his solidarity with all others, who is convinced that world security cannot be assured by rival sovereign nations and who believes the only way to save humanity is to substitute world order for the present international disorder.


  • world laws to guarantee to individuals and peoples their basic needs.
  • world institutions to draft, enact and enforce these laws.
  • a peoples' world convention, democratically elected by the peoples of the world, with the responsibility of defining and establishing the first world institutions.


MUNDIALISM is all the ideas and actions expressing the solidarity of populations of the globe and aiming to establish institutions and supranational laws of a federative structure common to them, while respecting the diversity of cultures and peoples.

MUNDIALISM is also a scientific approach to social and inter-individual phenomena as seen from the world point of view.

MUNDIALISM is striving to propose a new political organization of humanity involving the transfer of certain parts of national sovereignty to a World Federal Authority capable of solving, by majority decisions, the problems which call into question the future of the human race, such as : hunger, war, pollution, over-population and energy.

The requirements of MUNDIALISM will not be satisfied with the obligations of international treaties or agreements that lack the force of law.

To be registered as a World Citizen

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