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If you wish :

  • to be registered as a World Citizen
  • receive your World Citizen card

please send this form, filled and signed, and an ID picture

Registration is free of charge.

You can obtain an identity card for 15 Euros (or equivalent) -except in case of financial difficulties 8 Euros

to your choice:

  • or the traditional card (in cardboard)
  • or the plastic card:

by postal mail to WORLD CITIZENS, 66 boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 PARIS (France),
or another approved Registration Centre, or a world civil status Officer
by email: Copy the form hereunder, paste it into the message body, fill it and send it to

"I Hereby apply to be registered as a World Citizen. As such it is my intention to recognize my responsibilities as a member of the world community and to add this highest degree of citizenship to my present nationality"

SURNAME (in capital letters)....

First Names ........

Date of birth........

Place of birth :: ...

Full address : .

locality : ......

Postal code : .......

land : ......

In addition to my registration as Citizen of the World, I want to get my ID card
I pay the sum of ....... euros

on....................... 2018,  ....





There are no yearly fees to be paid. The card is delivered for life.
However if we want to give to the greatest possible number of human being the opportunity to become world citizens, the Registry must have the means to provide information. In order to support this effort, we ask for voluntary donations that we call voluntary world taxes .It should be equal to a half day of the annual salary.


The World Citizen Identity Card is not a membership card of a movement. It is valid for life. However, in case of loss or accident, it may be replaced free.

The first simple but effective step we ask you to take is to register as a world citizen, as we have done.
(Declaration of the 13)

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