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41 - May 1983

On the 9th of May 1983, addressing the meeting of the O.E.C.D., the President of France François MITTERAND, was saying :

"As was seen in the aftermath of the Second World War, everything begins with the value of money. The task of returning to the conditions of a stable monetary system, with fixed and economically fair rates of exchange, is therefore urgent".

and again, concerning the Third World :

" … No world recovery, no system of money or exchange will be durable if the economic and financial position of the South remains blocked. if these countries can find no dependable way of servicing their debts and of promoting their own growth, their political stability will be threatened. That is happening already".

It seems appropriate, at this time of the Williamsburg Summit, to recall a project of Charles WARIN for a "primon", or prime unit, tied to no country and independent of the dollar, and to be used by the Central Banks. Is it too much to expect that this proposal be studies by an International Commission ?

Charles WARIN (1907-1980) began a study of the problem after the financial crisis of 1929. He sought the creation of "an international currency with the same rules applying to all countries and putting value on abundance rather than on scarcity".

Charles WARIN has written three books :

  • "Essai sur l'organisation du commerce international" (1947)
  • "Un etalon monétaire contre la faim" (1966)
  • "Une monnaie pour un nouvel ordre économique mondial" (1982) In this last book he wrote : "The project depends on a combination of two things :
    • fristly, a system by which the reserves of the Central Banks, at the moment held in the currencies of other countries, mostly U.S. dollars, are replaced by an international currency backed by the wealth of the entire world,
    • secondly, an international system of stocks of raw materials, each rising or falling independently, serving the double purpose of stabilizing world prices and guaranteeing supplies of raw materials.

    The first system financing the second

    and the second providing the backing for the first".





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