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At the General Assembly of the United Nations
November 19, 1948

DECLARATION at U.N. of WORLD CITIZENS with Garry Davis and Robert Sarrazac :


Mr. Chairman and Delegates:

I interrupt you in the name of the people of the world not represnted here. Though my words may be unheeded, our common need for world law and order can no longer be disregarded.

We, the people, want the peace which only a world government can give.

The sovereign states you represent divide us and lead us to the abyss of Total War.

I call upon you no longer to deceive us by this illusion of political authority.

I call upon you to convene forthwith a World Constituent Assembly to raise the standard around which all men can gather, the standard of true peace, of One Government for One World.

And if you fail us in this...stand aside. for a People's World Assembly will arise from our own ranks to create such a government.

We can be served by nothing less. 

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