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Elected Delegates to the People's Congress
Situation in April 2023

 14 Delegates second third "B" (term of 9 years from 2010 to 2019)

Amokrane ABDELLI, Takashi AGO, Kalima ARBOUCHE , Alexis BENGANTUNDU, Claudine BESSET-LAMOINE, Adriano CICCIONI, Georges FEDERMAN, Tahar HOUHOU, Marie-Françoise LAMPERTI, Joël LABBÉ, Khanh Giang NGUYEN, Francisco PLANCARTE, Waldo TAPIA CONTRERAS, Rasmus TENBERGEN

19 Delegates from previous elections: (not limited mandate)

Prachomsuk Achava-Amrung , Safi Faye, Marc Garcet, Jean Hénaire, Bhupendra Kishore, Malick M'Baye, Landing Niassy, Roger Winterhalter, Gilliane Le Gallic, Mohamed Bensalem, Peter Davidse, Ursula Grattapaglia, Rolf Haegler, Lucien Harmegnies, Boubacar Kane, Mamadou N'Diaye, Keith Suter, René Wadlow, Lucy Webster.

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