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18 - June 1981

France is inviting in September 1981, at UNESCO, the Low Income Countries" (L.I.C.)

For 30 years, despite 2000 expert meetings, there have remained about 30 L.I.C. and every year 50 million people starve to death ! It's a failure.

But does the reason for this failure not come from the fact that no one has addressed the sacred principle of absolute national sovereignty on which the organization of the world is now based ? For indeed :

  1. World over armament makes it impossible to invest the money which would be indispensable to eradicate hunger. We have to get rid of arms. To do so, we have to be able to control disarmament on site. How can this be done if we do not obtain a limitation of national sovereignty ?
  2. World overpopulation makes difficult, under current circumstances, any fight against hunger. How can we make the people conscious of the fact that balanced demography of the peoples is more important than nationalistic build-up ?
  3. Transnational companies, mocking frontiers, world for their own interests, and not for those of the people of the countries where they have branches. How can there be a supervision of the way they behave and obedience to their rules that could be valid everywhere without obtaining from all the countries that they renounce a part of their national sovereignty ?
  4. Tropical and equatorial forests are threatened, a few seas are about to become completely polluted. How can we avoid the destruction of the biosphere without promulgating specific world laws for protection ?
  5. The exchange rates for raw materials are not stable, how can we stabilize them without creating agencies and world regulating supplies ? Currencies escape control, how can we stabilize them without waging war on speculation thanks to the practice of world monetary cooperation based on a system common to the whole of humankind ?
  6. Bilateral and between rich countries and developing countries hides a kind of post-colonialism. How can we create effective work solidarity without allowing, across every national border, the practice of all types of mutual help and without creating, under the authority of humanitarian organizations, a fairly distributed world community tax ?
  7. The requirements of rich countries and of the rich in the poor countries for choice products result in growing luxury fruit, vegetables, etc..; which harm the home production that could grow food for the local people in developing countries. How can we avoid this waste without taking the decisions needed in all nation-states ?

For 30 years, mundialists have been asking for Absolute national sovereignty to be challenged. If we don't do it, it is impossible to put an end to hunger in the world.

Mundialist recommend therefore that, at the Paris conference, a special commission be created with the mission to study the obsolete and harmful influence of absolute national sovereignty, the obstacle to an effective solution of the problems of "low income countries".

It is a pity that the agenda is made by governments, whose main part is to strengthen their own national sovereignty. Will there be one government capable of breaking this vicious circle ?

A World citizen elected to the "Academie Française"

World Citizens are happy to learn the election of one of them to the famous "French Academy" : Jacques de BOURBON-BUSSET.

A World Citizen, Jacques de BOURBON-BUSSET was among the first, in 1966, to give his support to the Appeal for world citizenship issued by 13 World Citizens of world renown.





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