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39 - March 1983

From the logic of the nation-state
to the need for mundialism
The late Professor Paul BOULET, of the faculty of Medicine of Montpellier, whose death last July went unnoticed in political circles, was a former parliamentarian and Mayor of Montpellier ; whose inhabitants, at his instigation, were declared World Citizens over 30 years ago. He maintained to the last his commitment to the one-world ideal and, as a committee member of the World Citizens (in France), he never lost any opportunity to underline the fact that world problems threatening the future of humanity require mundialist solutions.

As a mark of appreciation now we publish an extract written by Professor BOULET for the "Somme Mondialiste".

(i.e. applied global values)

"If we reflect on the present world political structure, we find that it consists of many units, described as states or nations, which attach importance to being recognized as indivisibly sovereign.

This notion of national sovereignty is their distinguishing mark.

It means that each unit surrounds itself with "unalterable frontiers". Within this create interior it intends to remain in absolute control of its political organization with the help of armed defense in the face of other units, of diplomacy and of alliances.

History shows that this sovereignty of nations has regularly led to an arms race, officially meant to make war less likely. Nevertheless wars have continued to recur, on an increasing scale and with ever greater loss of life.

All this follows the logic of the system of sovereignty. It is in fact quite logical, under this system, that each nation or allied bloc should be afraid of finding itself less armed than some other nation or bloc. Again it is logical that each nation should want its sovereignty respected by other sovereign nations.

Attempts to organize for peace, such as the League of Nations or the U.N., have not reached their target : they still implied an association of sovereign states unable to escape the logic of the system. The same would apply to a Europe of Nations or even to a unified Nation of Europe.

The forerunners of mundialism were saying long ago that it was not enough to condemn nationalism or imperialism - the extreme conclusions of the systems - but that the system itself was to blame. They preached the necessity of organizing the world around new assumptions. It appeared necessary to build, in some way, a world system in which the units (whatever the name given to them) would have their sovereignty limited and mitigated by a supranational Legislature having jurisdiction over the entire world community and effective in those spheres involving a possible threat to the freedom, well-being or even survival of communities, not to say of humanity itself".


The captivity of Dr Philippe Augoyard and national sovereignty

World Citizens remark that, once more, the rights of the human being are scorned by State laws.

Dr Philippe Augoyard, whose misconduct consisted in helping the victims of the war fostered by the States in the defense (or extension) of their sacred national sovereignty, has been sentenced to jail for having tried to protect the most simple human right : the right to life.

The World Citizens stand by Dr Augoyard and ask for his liberation.

They wish for Associations like "International Medical Aid" "Médecins du Monde", "Médecins sans frontiers", "Amnesty International" .. to become the prefiguration of a real World Institution for the respect of Human Rights, enjoying supranational statute, free of State imperialism.




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