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Human Rights

Paris, December 10, 1976
28th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

World Declarations


 As DELEGATES of the PEOPLES CONGRESS, elected directly and democratically by a trans national electorate, spread over 110 countries.

We state:

  • That the expression of political opinions contrary to those of the majority in power is more and more considered a political crime in a growing number of Nation-States
  • That the freedom of expression and of conscience like all the liberties recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, now is more and more limited.
  • That the minorities rights to their political identity and to their civil and juridical equality are too frequently violated
  • That the people's rights to self determination are destroyed by powerful economical, financial and political interests in the rich countries as well as in the poor ones

We condemn without any reservation:

  • All forms of abuse or torture
  • All forms of racial segregation
  • All forms of cultural, philosophical or religious persecution or intolerance
  • All forms of genocide or oppression of one group by another
  • All centralism that oppresses regionalism
  • All forms of domestic or economic slavery
  • All forms of political or financial imperialism

We, elected delegates affirm that only world institutions democratically elected with limited but real powers, can insure for every human being :

  • The guaranty of the essential rights included in the Universal declaration of human rights
  • The freedom of expression and conscience
  • The existence of institutions insuring personal and collective grow of all human beings
  • The juridical respect of minorities and their specific originality
  • The preservation of cultural richness and heritage of the people
  • The right for each human being to food, health, education, culture and information
  • The political right of people to democratic participation in world management at all the different levels, through the exercise of the economical, financial and political decisions.

Without the possibility of an individual nor collective recourse to a supra national entity, the fundamental human rights can not be secured .

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